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Safety First

GREENTEK products are all certified.
CE marking including EMC and LVD certification, refers to a safety certification marking, one of the vital certificates for manufacturers to enter the European market.

Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) is the certification of anti-interference degree of electrical products, measuring the ability of equipment or systems to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment.

The low voltage directive(2014/35/EU) is a set of product safety requirements about the voltage limit of electrical equipment that ensure the security of electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits.

UL mark is the safety symbol of product being tested by UL, a reliable third-party certification company which sets industry standards to follow and provide testing and evaluation of components and products to manufacturers around the world.

Safe Materials

In order to ensure the safety and performance, all raw materials have passed strict quality testing by IQC, mainly including dielectric withstand test, burn-in test and etc. In addition, based on the core concept of "user safety", all materials are selected strictly, even if the edge of a small piece of metal component is required to be smooth and without burrs.

R&D Investment

R&D Team
In order to keep innovative constantly, GREENTEK invests no less than 10% of the turnover in research and development every year. GREENTEK has a R&D team composed of more than 100 people, all of whom are mainly doctors, masters and undergraduates. At the same time, R&D studio in Shenzhen has been set up for further cooperation with local leading technical team and stay close connected with outstanding colleges and universities for academic communication and talent recruiting.

Equipment Input
Equipped with professional large full anechoic chamber, radio frequency test laboratory, consistency test lab, EMC test lab, OTA test lab and etc. With hundreds of testing equipment, complete testing process and environment, all kinds of antennas are supported to develop and perform reliability test.

Quality and Performance

Production Efficiency
Greentek has introduced varies of manufacture and testing equipment including fully automated production lines, automatic packing line, SMT, AOl automatic welding machine, ESD test equipment, precision image measuring instrument, drop testing machine, waterproof testing machine and etc. to provide better performance and quality product at more competitive price while improving production efficiency and shorten delivery time.
Quality Control
Quality is the cornerstone of our brand. Greentek is anonymous without quality. Great quality is the key for us to develop international market and win national hidden champion enterprise award. Greentek is an enterprise that has inherited two generations. The fundamental reason why we can stand still and become stronger is quality. In addition to superior quality, our business ability, staff literacy and brand image are all "quality first".

Premium Service

Innovative Products
Independent research and development is the best way to keep product innovation.
We send professional teams regularly to different countries to do market research so as to deeply understand the demand and analyze the consumption behaviors of consumer groups at all levels in different markets. According to the market research analysis, our R&D team can continuously put forth new products which are unique and practical.
Personalized Service
Customized marketing strategies are planned specifically.
We can greatly get the first-hand market dynamics information to create competitive and differentiated products for customers through participating international exhibitions, field testing, market visits and etc. All supplied products are designed elaborately, tested refinedly and adjusted to ensure best competitiveness and performance in local market.